Cleansing Therapy
Apna Ilaaj Apne Haath

We believe in "Cure Yourself" where a patient cures himself through his/her own efforts from the comforts of their own home following the organ-wise Cleansing Therapy. It is a low cost treatment involving no doctor.

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I wish to provide this Cleansing Therapy to everyone totally free of cost so that everyone can enjoy good health right away!

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Cure Yourself 2nd Edition

The updated 2nd edition of "Cure Yourself" has been released soon. To book your copy, please mail to

You can also read the book Cure Yourself online!

Zappers Available

Zappers are available with the vendors. You can order them for Rs. 11,000/-. The price includes the Zapper, Pulser and the Colloidal Silver apparatus.

Please call Jibran at 09870097039 to place your order. Email:

Zapper Manual

How Dependable are Pathology Reports?

Pathological examination of Dr Piyush Saxena at MGM New Bombay Hospital Vashi done at a difference of 48 hours to test the veracity of their lab testing conducted by super speciality Hospitals. Click here to find out the differences in the two reports taken over a period of 48 hours.