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Life Of A Eunuch– Price Rs 100 (cost subsidised by Salvation Of Oppressed Eunuchs). The 540+ page book covers all aspects of lives of eunuchs. It provides details of eunuchs’ history, lifestyle, festival celebrations, living with guru, means of livelihood, prostitution, crime, trade of eunuchs, private gatherings, death rituals, gender identity etc. The book also explores subjects like ambiguous genitalia, sex change surgeries, urethra, castration etc. in text, sketch and photo representations.

Life of a Eunuch

i Title Pages
ii Foreword
iii Preface
iv Cover Story
v Index




Eunuchs – Who Are They?


Eunuchs In Mythology


Eunuch Deities, Rituals And Festivals

5 Eunuchs Abroad
6 Eunuchs In India
7 Eunuch Statistics in India
8 Distinguishing Characteristics
9 Recognition By Government
10 Means Of Livelihood
11 Eunuchs And Crime
12 Portrayal Of Eunuchs In Bollywood
13 Empowering Eunuchs
14 Nirvana - Liberation
15 Cremation And Burial
16 Astrology Birth Chart Of A Eunuch
17 Eunuch’s Life - Atonement For Past Life Karma?
18 Advantages Of A Eunuch’s Life
19 True Life Stories
20 Trade Of A Eunuch
21 Aur Neha Nahin Bik Payee Life Of A Eunuch
22 Salvation Of Oppressed Eunuchs
23 Male - Female Gender Differences
24 Disorders Of Sexual Differentiation Academic Curriculum
25 Genitalia And Identity Crisis
26 Intersex And Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome
27 Obtaining A Diagnosis
28 Questions To Ask Your Doctor
29 Gender Reassignment Surgery
30 Gender Reassignment Surgery - Male To Female
31 Gender Reassignment Surgery - Female to Male
32 Gender Reassignment Surgery
33 Complementary Surgeries For Gender Reassignment
34 Penectomy
35 Female Genital Mutilation
36 Castration Male To Eunuch
37 Arousal, Lovemaking And Orgasm
38 Sexual Behaviour Of A Eunuch
39 Legal Opinion
40 Research And Presentation
41 About The Author
42 Mysteries Of Life
43 Related Works
44 Glossary

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