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I wish to share some of the incredible experiences of my life. As an avid traveler, I have visited several strange and exotic places on earth and wish to share my experiences with everyone.

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Astrology and Chronic Ailments

Astrology is an occult science. If you have read all the previous pages carefully and practiced the therapy as outlined, I am sure that you must have benefited by it and are enjoying your life more than you used to. After trying out all the cleansing therapies meticulously, many ailments are cured but a few may be left. In such cases, there exists another choice. You may contact an astrologer in your neighbourhood for complete predictions in all aspects of life, through casting of all four charts (natal chart, progression chart, converse progression chart and solar return chart.

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4 days in Pakistan

Read about my journey to our neighbor, Pakistan - the challenges faced and the insights gained from visiting this country.

Visit to Pakistan