Astrology and Chronic Ailments

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A knowlegeable astrologer has answer to all questions except one - Is the birth chart in front of him that of a male or a female?

The Crystal Ball for Future Gazing

Astrology is an occult science. If you have read all the previous pages carefully and practiced the therapy as outlined, I am sure that you must have benefited by it and are enjoying your life more than you used to. After trying out all the cleansing therapies meticulously, many ailments are cured but a few may be left. In such cases, there exists another choice. You may contact an astrologer in your neighbourhood for complete predictions in all aspects of life, through casting of all four charts (natal chart, progression chart, converse progression chart and solar return chart.

A knowledgeable astrologer will be able to give precise predictions with respect to each ailment of a patient, in the following way:

  1. What is the planetary cause of each ailment?
  2. Whether the ailment will be cured or not?
  3. If cured, then upto what extent? Percentage-wise and period- wise for each ailment?
  4. Whether a therapy or a combination of therapies, e.g. allopathy, cleansing therapy, homeopathy, naturopathy, reiki, surgery or something else will work or not for that ailment?
  5. Whether pathological reports are correct? To what extent?
  6. Whether the prescribed medication is indicative of resulting in cure or you need to reduce/increase dosage and/or you need to seek another opinion?

When you have logical answers to these questions, the treatment becomes simple and direction oriented. Astrology is not only for medicine but it also answers questions related with inter-personal relationships, job, promotion, earning money, foreign travel etc with the same accuracy. When we have anxiety, depression, disharmony, disappointment, worry and no ray of hope for redemption, then astrology gives us the answer. Astrology is a supernatural science. The whole world is run according to a well defined plan. Nothing happens by chance. The divine plan is well arranged. It is timed with amazing precision.

Qualifications of an Astrologer

The astrologer should preferably know zoology, with in-depth study of anatomy, human morphology and physiology etc. He must be conversant with planetary movements every four minutes, the process of calculation of the exact time of birth, the effect of planets on each and every part, right upto the smallest organ of the human body e.g. adrenal glands, diaphragm, fallopian tubes, gallbladder (including liver and kidney), heart, lymph glands, pancreas, small intestines, spleen, urethra etc. He must also possess a working knowledge and experience of medical astrology e.g. Encyclopedia of Medical Astrology, Author: Cornell M.D., H.L. Price: $89.95 ISBN: 1933303077. He should be modest in temperament, impartial, honest, active, courageous, clear in his statement, sincere, free from vices and maintain confidentiality. He must be conversant with astronomy and astrology. When an astrologer has thoroughly understood the mathematical portion and has acquired sound principles of astrology, his predictions do not fail.

Astrologer – An Experienced Boatman

If the journey of life can be compared to that of crossing a river, the astrologer can be compared to an experienced boatman. Please see the following examples for understanding the role of an astrologer in the day to day lives of patients.

Example #1:

Let us imagine that a person is trying to cross a river. When he tries to cross the river by wading, he finds that the depth of water is increasing. At one stage, when he realizes that the current is too strong, he is afraid and unnerved. Luckily for him, a boatman is sighted. He calls the boatman and asks, "Sir, can you kindly tell me whether the river is getting deeper and I have to struggle further or will it be less deep hereafter, so that I can cross the river without fear?" The boatman who possesses sufficient knowledge replies, "There is no need for fear. You have taken this route (which is your fate). The depth will increase only for a short distance as you proceed. Then fortunately for you, you will meet with a rocky strata, where the water will be shallow and thereafter there is no need for anxiety. So, you may carry on."The traveller gets courage to cross even the deeper course with confidence. Is he not free from anxiety from the moment the boatman gives him correct knowledge, which the traveller does not posses? The boatman does not give him physical support to cross the river by taking him in his boat. He only gives him knowledge, whereby he gains mental strength. Similarly, the astrologer can provide knowledge of the bright future by his prediction.

Example #2

A person complains to the astrologer, “I cannot understand why God does not help me to get married. I am 37. I am worried. I doubt whether God who created me has completely forgotten my existence. Why do I continue to live alone, I do not know?” The astrologer replies, “Sir, you are destined to marry only at the age of 38. Please wait, you will have your turn only then. However much you try, you cannot get married earlier. Saturn delays it till you get dejected.” The astrologer has given only mental strength. He has relieved him of his worry to a certain extent. This is not done by offering him a girl for marriage.

Example #3

A person asks, “Sir, the pressure from my bank and bankers is unbearable. Such thoughts, as to why I should not commit suicide and put an end to this trouble always flash in my mind. What do you find in my horoscope? Is there any ray of hope to be free from these worries?” The astrologer says, “However much you try, you cannot clear the loans for a year to come. The bankers will press you hard but you will somehow manage to avoid penalization. Days will pass though and 11 months later, you will be alright. Your finance will improve so much that you will even be able to lend assistance to others. You may not believe me now but later, you will remember astrology.”

Example #4

A rich landlord secures tons of rice at every harvest but is unable to eat a bowl of cooked rice as he suffers from diabetes. He curses his fate. Is the condition likely to continue? The astrologer provides the answer to the future.

Example #5

A man who runs a group of high class hotels caters delicious food of all varieties to his customers. He has to content himself with it, for he cannot consume even a bit of it himself, since he suffers from blood pressure or colic pains. Is the condition likely to continue? The astrologer provides the answer to the future.

Example #6

An emaciated and thin looking person with an income barely sufficient for the maintenance of two adults is blessed with enough children to form a cricket team of his own, while a very well-to-do neighbour in the best of the health has none. The latter is depressed and does not know when he can have one. Is the condition likely to continue? The astrologer provides the answer to the future.

Example #7

A supremely intelligent person, who has been scoring top marks in school, is forced by circumstances to serve in later life under one who is extremely dull witted and is looked upon as a symbol of backwardness. The intelligent person earns a meagre income and carries out the order of the dull witted. When can he have bright days? The astrologer provides the answer to the future.

Example #8

A young girl with no grace or charm gets married but her neighbour who is very beautiful and rich with all the required qualifications for marriage, continues to be on the waiting list, forlorn and unhappy, in spite of serious attempts by relatives and friends. Will they not be in peace if they are informed by the astrologer what her destiny is and when they can fulfil their desire? The astrologer provides the answer to the future.

Example #9

One patient had myocardial infarction (70% coronary heart blockage) and was heading for a bypass. He is an MBA (Financial Analyst). He was in USA for eight years and has now moved to Mumbai since 1997. He consulted the astrologer. The astrologer said that the diagnosis of 70% blockage was correct but the patient was definitely not heading for any emergency. The cause of the problem was weak digestion. The patient did kidney cleanse, liver cleanse (with zapper and parasite cleanse), took green vegetable juices (200 ml) three times-a-day. He followed up with 30 minutes morning walk, switched over from pasteurized milk to fresh milk and avoided sleep during the day to get good punctual sleep at night. In three weeks, his cardiologist friend told him that "danger has been averted and the requirement of medicines is reduced".

Thus it is observed that every person has his or her share of trials and tribulations in life. If there is assuredly a science that lifts the load off your mind and enables you to face the future with confidence and hope, it is astrology. The science of astrology alone explains why everyone has some worry or other, why there are so many inequalities in life and also offers mental solace.

Why Predictions Go Wrong?

Consider the following scenarios:

1. You get your blood haemoglobin levels tested at four different pathological laboratories at the same time. Chances are that you will get considerably different results at the different labs.

2. You check your weight at the same time on four different weighing scales. You are likely to get different numbers for your weight. Is your blood haemoglobin level or weight different at different places? Why blame an astrologer for a small error in prediction, when you have given him only one input, i.e. time of birth and that too of indeterminate accuracy. The greater the accuracy with which the time of birth is known, the more accurate will be the predictions.

What If the Exact Time of Birth is Unknown?

Astrology provides a good instrument for narrowing down the cause and cure of the disease. The astrologer needs the correct time, date and place of birth. Birth time is defined as the time when the umbilical cord is severed and a new living body comes into existence. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Rahu, Ketu and Chiron constantly emit rays. These rays join the rays of the cosmos and at a particular location, jointly write the future of the newborn child in his most nascent form for the coming 120 years to the minutest detail. The effect of the combination of these rays is unique for each location and each moment, because all planets are in constant motion. Two persons cannot be born simultaneously at the same place. So no two persons can have the same fate. Planetary configuration changes every four minutes. So the time of birth is important. If the time of severing the umbilical cord is precisely known, it can result in uncanny predictions. If the exact time of birth is not known, then the chart will be cast on the approximate time of birth or sunrise time. Then interpolation will be done after comparing the important major events of the native’s life, e.g. passing an examination, getting a job, date of marriage, getting a son/daughter, dates of foreign travel, dates of major illness etc. Then he arrives at the correct time of his/her birth through backward calculation. This will be followed by accurate predictions.

However, it is good practice for the client to go in for corrections and modifications in predictions as and when events happen, more so when the exact time of birth is unknown.