Trustee of SOOE (Salvation of Oppressed Eunuchs)

The organization includes senior corporate executives and professionals from a wide range of fields with several years of experience. The organisation has been actively working when a group of professionals, well settled in society, felt the need to look beyond the confines of their routine existence as the means to discharging their yearning for social and humanitarian causes.

Man becomes great exactly in the degree in which he works for the welfare of his fellow-men.

Trust Members

Dr Piyush Saxena, Secretary

Dr Piyush Saxena is a corporate professional, a naturopath, wellness counsellor, magician, thinker, writer, film director and also an actor. Above all he has a human being considerate to fellow human beings. As chairperson of ‘Salvation Of Oppressed Eunuchs’, he is pioneer in working for the cause of eunuchs and assisting them to integrate into mainstream society. He has toiled hard to bring the oppressed community of eunuchs and their day to day issues to the knowledge of authorities as well as common people. For this he has written a book Life of A Eunuch showcasing each and every aspect of a eunuch’s life. He has also made a film on the bonded life of a young eunuch wholives in a community in Virar. The 55-minute film titled "...Aur Neha Nahin Bik Payee", which documents the life of Satish who is born with indeterminate gender. He graduated with a BSc (Physics) and MA (Modern History) from Allahabad University. Later he got a PhD in Naturopathy from USA. His professional life commenced with working for Bank of India from 1981 to 1995 in UP. Thereafter, he joined Reliance Industries Limited in 1995. Currently he works for them as a Senior Vice President (Corporate Affairs) at Nariman Point, Mumbai.

Meena Malhotra, Treasurer

A lady with multiple talents, she is a banker, public relations professional, healer and activist. Apart from Salvation Of Oppressed Eunuchs (SOOE), she has been active in various other organisations such as Art of Living International, Bangalore, Iphael Ryder Chesire International, Dehradun etc. A Master’s graduate in Physics from Punjab University, Chandigarh, she was a strong supporter of women’s liberation movements of 70’s and participated in many such movements. As Vice-Chairperson of SOOE, she is helping us to raise various issues of eunuchs in various forums, including government offices in New Delhi.

Sagar Yadav, Trustee

A diploma holder in electronics engineering seeking a change from the routine, he followed the dictates of his heart and gravitated toMass Media, which is considered to be a tool of change. He is an active journalist and trade unionist, who has worked closely with fellow journalists and championed the rights of the common man. As a health journalist, he discovered the fact that contrary to the commonman’s perception, eunuchs are freak of nature; the result of hormonal imbalance and not a deviant criminal community. The perception of people towards these unfortunates needs to change and this communityalso deservesto enjoy the benefits of free citizens. With this aim, he joined the group, seeking to educate people at large through his incisive news coverage and impartial reporting.

P Kannan, Trustee

He has been closely associated with eunuchs. A Tamil by birth, he has witnessed eunuchs getting much respect in his home state. However, the condition of eunuchs in most other parts of India is pathetic, to say the least. It pained him no end that the very people who bless us are living a cursed life themselves. This thoughtdrove him to take up cudgels for the cause of eunuchs and our organisation depends heavily on him for bridging the gap between the common man and the Aravanis, as eunuchs are called in Tamil Nadu and other parts of southern India. As the Manager of SOOE and an alternative therapist, he employs his first-hand knowledge of eunuchs to heal their generations old wounds.

Heena & Shakira

Heena & Shakira are ‘Maa Pet’ hijras, i.e. born eunuchs. ‘Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches’ may be an oft quoted cliché but nowhere is this more amply and forcefully demonstrated that in their case. They have felt the unbearable and socially ignored pain of being eunuchs andthey cast their lot with SOOE, to act as someone who will hold a mirror to the face of society. Our intention at SOOE was to work for the upliftment of this outcast society but it was a Herculean task to even glean any information about the community, much less co-ordinate with the members about any issues. It was at this juncture that Heena and Shakira proved invaluable as our conduits and facilitators for opening up a dialogue with the eunuch community, as the first step towards gaining their trust. They not only provided us with insider knowledge of the community, their lives, traditions, rituals etc. but also made us aware of the issues faced by them on day to day basis. Our objective would to have been achieved without their unstinting support.

Our Mission

  • Provide platform to the alternative therapist worldwide and encourage them to share their knowledge and experiences with each other for the well-being of human kind
  • Provide free education and teaching materials through digital means/virtual classrooms to anyone interested in learning this therapy.
  • Give publicity for our healthcamps and public seminars at various leading institutions like hospitals, corporate offices etc.
  • Campaign to get more volunteers to help with our day to day operations
  • Create awareness about natural ways of curing yourself
  • Promote self-reliance in matters of personal health for everyone
  • Promote safe and easy home remedies for common ailments based on traditional therapies
  • Create publicity for our talk shows and documentaries on YouTube for the benefit of those who wish to try these therapies
  • Campaign to promote these therapies at the national ministry of health (Ayush) for wider adoption across the country